ray romano on luck

hi looking in lifers, all four of you:

as i work to finish up episode 2: love (more excuses about not getting it done, yeah yeah), i can’t help but move on to the next adventure in episode 3: luck. i’ve been talking to people about their thoughts on it and even put down some money on the march madness stuff (you’ll have to wait to hear how i did).

but then i came across this interview today with ray romano from everybody loves raymond. he was talking to teri gross on fresh air, and he told this great story about his first experience on letterman.

that night, dave had this running bit where he would cut everyone’s pants into shorts to get ready for summer. as he’s waiting backstage, ray considers cutting his own pants into shorts, to “be a part of the joke.” he decided at the last minute that it wasn’t a good idea. he went out, fully-panted and killed it. he goes as far as to say that the reason letterman even approached him to make the show everybody loves raymond is because he didn’t cut his pants.

it’s a really great interview that you can listen to online and below is the video of him visiting letterman’s show ten years after that decision. it’s a great example of believing in the thing that can’t be explained: luck.

quick update

Yes, I know. It’s been a long, long time since you’ve heard anything from me. I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with feverish anticipation. So here goes.

Episode 002: love is coming soon. I’ve got everything recorded and put together and now we’re in the final phase of production. It’s coming in long, about 51 minutes at the moment. So we might cut this one into a two-parter. One for your commute into work and another one your way home. Isn’t that nice? You’re welcome.

Additionally, episode 003: luck is being recorded. I’ve got a few voices on there already, and am trying to find a few more to tie it all together. Let’s hope I can get lucky on that one. See what I did there?

Check back in about a week or two and I’m sure episode 2 (and 2b) will finally be up here. Thanks for sticking it out and for listening!

welcome to the site

and welcome to the podcast. It’s been my goal for a long time to get a podcast out there to the world, and after lots of stalling, fretting and tinkering, it’s here. It’s not perfect. It’s not even close to where I want it to be. But is it good enough? Yeah, for now.

Check out episode 001 here. It’s all about change, and I think it’s pretty interesting.

Stick with me, and I promise at least a small bit of growth as I continue about this thing.